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Pronunciation of Explodes: Learn how to pronounce Explodes in English correctly

Learn how to say Explodes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word explode:

to burst or cause to burst with great violence as a result of internal pressure, esp through the detonation of an explosive; blow up
to destroy or be destroyed in this manner ⇒ to explode a bridge
(of a gas) to undergo or cause (a gas) to undergo a sudden violent expansion, accompanied by heat, light, a shock wave, and a loud noise, as a result of a fast uncontrolled exothermic chemical or nuclear reaction
(intransitive) to react suddenly or violently with emotion, etc ⇒ to explode with anger
(intransitive) (esp of a population) to increase rapidly
(transitive) to show (a theory, etc) to be baseless; refute and make obsolete
(transitive) (phonetics) to pronounce (a stop) with audible plosion