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Pronunciation of Explode: Learn how to pronounce Explode in English correctly

Learn how to say Explode correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word explode:

transitive verb
Word forms: exˈploded, exˈploding
to cause to be rejected; expose as false; discredit ⇒ to explode a theory
to make burst with a loud noise; blow up; detonate
to cause to change suddenly and violently from a solid or liquid to a quickly expanding gas
to cause rapid nuclear fusion or fission in, with accompanying destructive force
(golf) to hit (a ball) from a sand trap with an explosion shot
intransitive verb
to be exploded; burst noisily and violently
to break forth noisily ⇒ to explode with anger
to increase very rapidly ⇒ the area’s population is exploding
Derived Forms
exˈplodable adjective
exˈploder noun