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Pronunciation of Explained: Learn how to pronounce Explained in English correctly

Learn how to say Explained correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word explain:

[reporting verb]
make (an idea or situation) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts:
[with clause]:
they explained that their lives centred on the religious rituals
[with direct speech]:
‘It’s a device of great age,’ the professor explained
[with object]:
he explained the situation
give a reason so as to justify or excuse (an action or event):
[with object]:
Cassie found it necessary to explain her blackened eye
[with clause]:
he makes athletes explain why they made a mistake
[no object]:
I explained about Maureen calling round
[with object] be the cause of or motivating factor for:
her father’s violence explains her pacifism
[with clause]:
this would explain why so many adult children still live with their parents
(explain something away) minimize the significance of an embarrassing fact or action by giving an excuse or justification:
they know stories about me that I can’t explain away
explain oneself
expand on what one has said in order to make oneself clear.
excuse or justify one’s motives or conduct:
he was too panicked to stay and explain himself to the policeman
late Middle English: from Latin explanare, based on planus ‘plain’