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Pronunciation of Experiencers: Learn how to pronounce Experiencers in English correctly

Learn how to say Experiencers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word experience:

the act of living through an event or events; personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur
anything observed or lived through ⇒ an experience he’ll never forget
all that has happened in one’s life to date ⇒ not within his experience
everything done or undergone by a group, people in general, etc.
the effect on a person of anything or everything that has happened to that person; individual reaction to events, feelings, etc.
activity that includes training, observation of practice, and personal participation
the period of such activity
knowledge, skill, or practice resulting from this
transitive verb
Word forms: exˈperienced, exˈperiencing
to have experience of; personally encounter or feel; meet with; undergo