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Pronunciation of Exercised: Learn how to pronounce Exercised in English correctly

Learn how to say Exercised correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word exercise:

verb (mainly transitive)
to put into use; employ ⇒ to exercise tact
(intransitive) to take exercise or perform exercises; exert one’s muscles, etc, esp in order to keep fit
to practise using in order to develop or train ⇒ to exercise one’s voice
to perform or make proper use of ⇒ to exercise one’s rights
to bring to bear; exert ⇒ to exercise one’s influence
(often passive) to occupy the attentions of, esp so as to worry or vex ⇒ to be exercised about a decision
(military) to carry out or cause to carry out, manoeuvres, simulated combat operations, etc
physical exertion, esp for the purpose of development, training, or keeping fit
mental or other activity or practice, esp in order to develop a skill
a set of movements, questions, tasks, etc, designed to train, improve, or test one’s ability in a particular field ⇒ piano exercises
a performance or work of art done as practice or to demonstrate a technique
the performance of a function; discharge ⇒ the exercise of one’s rights, the object of the exercise is to win
(sometimes plural) (military) a manoeuvre or simulated combat operation carried out for training and evaluation
(usually plural) (US & Canadian) a ceremony or formal routine, esp at a school or college ⇒ opening exercises, graduation exercises
(gymnastics) a particular type of event, such as performing on the horizontal bar
Derived Forms
ˈexerˌcisable adjective
Word Origin
C14: from Old French exercice, from Latin exercitium, from exercēre to drill, from ex-1 + arcēre to ward off