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Pronunciation of Excuse: Learn how to pronounce Excuse in English correctly

Learn how to say Excuse correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word excuse:

transitive verb
Word forms: exˈcused, exˈcusing
to try to free (a person) of blame; seek to exonerate
to try to minimize or pardon (a fault); apologize or give reasons for
to consider (an offense or fault) as not important; overlook; pardon ⇒ excuse my rudeness
to release from an obligation, duty, promise, etc.
to permit to leave
to serve as an explanation or justification for; justify; exculpate; absolve ⇒ a selfish act that nothing will excuse
a plea in defense of or explanation for some action or behavior; apology
a release from obligation, duty, etc.
something that excuses; extenuating or justifying factor
a pretended reason for conduct; pretext