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Pronunciation of Excursionist: Learn how to pronounce Excursionist in English correctly

Learn how to say Excursionist correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word excursion:

(obsolete) a military sortie; raid
a short trip taken with the intention of returning to the point of departure; short journey, as for pleasure; jaunt
a round trip (on a train, bus, ship, etc.) at reduced rates, usually with limits set on the dates of departure and return
a group taking such a trip
a deviation or digression
a single movement outward from the mean position in an oscillating or alternating motion
the distance involved in such a movement
a sudden, very rapid rise in the neutron flux and power of a nuclear reactor
(medicine) the extent of movement from a central position, as of the eyes from a midmost location or of the chest during respiration
of or for an excursion ⇒ excursion rates