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Pronunciation of Excursion: Learn how to pronounce Excursion in English correctly

Learn how to say Excursion correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word excursion:

a short outward and return journey, esp for relaxation, sightseeing, etc; outing
a group of people going on such a journey
(modifier) of or relating to special reduced rates offered on certain journeys by rail ⇒ an excursion ticket
a digression or deviation; diversion ⇒ an excursion into politics
(formerly) a raid or attack
a movement from an equilibrium position, as in an oscillation
the magnitude of this displacement
the normal movement of a movable bodily organ or part from its resting position, such as the lateral movement of the lower jaw
(machinery) the locus of a point on a moving part, esp the deflection of a whirling shaft
Word Origin
C16: from Latin excursiō an attack, from excurrere to run out, from currere to run