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Pronunciation of Exclusivists: Learn how to pronounce Exclusivists in English correctly

Learn how to say Exclusivists correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word exclusive:

excluding all else; rejecting other considerations, possibilities, events, etc ⇒ an exclusive preoccupation with money
belonging to a particular individual or group and to no other; not shared ⇒ exclusive rights, an exclusive story
belonging to or catering for a privileged minority, esp a fashionable clique ⇒ an exclusive restaurant
(postpositive) foll by to limited (to); found only (in) ⇒ this model is exclusive to Harrods
single; unique; only ⇒ the exclusive means of transport on the island was the bicycle
separate and incompatible ⇒ mutually exclusive principles
(immediately postpositive) not including the numbers, dates, letters, etc, mentioned ⇒ 1980–84 exclusive
(postpositive) foll by of except (for); not taking account (of) ⇒ exclusive of bonus payments, you will earn this amount
(business) (of a contract, agreement, etc) binding the parties to do business only with each other with respect to a class of goods or services
(logic) (of a disjunction) true if only one rather than both of its component propositions is true Compare inclusive (sense 5)