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Pronunciation of Excitation: Learn how to pronounce Excitation in English correctly

Learn how to say Excitation correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word excitation:

[mass noun]
1 technical the application of energy to something, in particular:
Physics the process in which an atom or other particle adopts a higher energy state when energy is supplied:
thermal excitation
Physiology the state of enhanced activity of a cell, organism, or tissue which results from its stimulation:
these neurotransmitters can produce excitation or inhibition
the application of current to the winding of an electromagnet to produce a magnetic field:
continuous rotation of the motor by sequential excitation of the phase windings
[as modifier]:
two parallel coils with opposing excitation windings
the application of a signal voltage to the control electrode of an electron tube or the base of a transistor.
2the action of exciting or the state of being excited; excitement:
a state of sexual excitation

late Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin excitatio(n-), from excitare ‘rouse, call forth’ (see excite)