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Pronunciation of Examples: Learn how to pronounce Examples in English correctly

Learn how to say Examples correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word example:

a specimen or instance that is typical of the group or set of which it forms part; sample
a person, action, thing, etc, that is worthy of imitation; pattern ⇒ you must set an example to the younger children
a precedent, illustration of a principle, or model ⇒ an example in a maths book
a punishment or the recipient of a punishment serving or intended to serve as a warning ⇒ the headmaster made an example of him
See for example
(transitive; now usually passive) to present an example of; exemplify
Word Origin
C14: from Old French, from Latin exemplum pattern, from eximere to take out, from ex-1 + emere to purchase