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Pronunciation of Evils: Learn how to pronounce Evils in English correctly

Learn how to say Evils correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word evil:

morally wrong or bad; wicked ⇒ an evil ruler
causing harm or injury; harmful ⇒ an evil plan
marked or accompanied by misfortune; unlucky ⇒ an evil fate
(of temper, disposition, etc) characterized by anger or spite
not in high esteem; infamous ⇒ an evil reputation
offensive or unpleasant ⇒ an evil smell
(slang) good; excellent
the quality or an instance of being morally wrong; wickedness ⇒ the evils of war
(sometimes capital) a force or power that brings about wickedness or harm ⇒ evil is strong in the world
(archaic) an illness or disease, esp scrofula (the king’s evil)
(now usually in combination) in an evil manner; badly ⇒ evil-smelling