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Pronunciation of Ever Since: Learn how to pronounce Ever Since in English correctly

Learn how to say Ever Since correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ever:

1 [usually with negative or in questions] at any time:
nothing ever seemed to ruffle her
don’t you ever regret giving up all that money?
used in comparisons for emphasis:
they felt better than ever before
our biggest ever range
2at all times; always:
ever the man of action, he was impatient with intellectuals
caravan holidays remain as popular as ever
they lived happily ever after
[in combination]:
he toyed with his ever-present cigar
3 [with comparative] increasingly; constantly:
having to borrow ever larger sums
4used for emphasis in questions expressing astonishment or outrage:
who ever heard of a grown man being frightened of the dark?
why ever did you do it?
ever again
[usually with negative] at any time in the future:
I never have to set foot inside a classroom ever again
I honestly cannot imagine ever again working in an office for someone else
ever and anon
archaic occasionally:
ever and anon the stillness is rent by the scream of a gibbon
[from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost ( v. ii. 101)]
ever since
throughout the period since:
she had lived alone ever since her husband died
ever so/such
British informal very; very much:
I am ever so grateful
she’s ever such a pretty cat
thanks ever so
for ever
see forever.
yours ever
(also ever yours)
a formula used to end an informal letter, before the signature.
Old English «£fre, of unknown origin