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Pronunciation of Even So: Learn how to pronounce Even So in English correctly

Learn how to say Even So correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word even:

adjective (evener, evenest)
1flat and smooth:
prepare the site, then lay an even bed of mortar
in the same plane or line; level:
run a file along the saw to make all of the teeth even with each other
2equal in number, amount, or value:
an even gender balance among staff and students
equally balanced:
the first half of the match was fairly even
having little variation in quality; regular:
they travelled at an even and leisurely pace
(of a person’s temper or disposition) equable; calm:
she was known to have an even temper and to be difficult to rile
3(of a number, such as 2, 6, or 108) divisible by two without a remainder:
a meter that reads only in even numbers
any number doubled is even
bearing a number that is divisible by two without a remainder:
headers can be placed on odd or even pages or both
make or become even:
[with object]:
she cut the hair again to even up the ends
used to emphasize something surprising or extreme:
they have never even heard of the United States
they wore fur hats, even in summer
used in comparisons for emphasis:
he knows even less about it than I do
even as
at the very same time as:
even as he spoke their baggage was being unloaded
an even break
informal a fair chance:
the fact is suckers never get an even break
an even chance
an equal likelihood of success or failure:
the team has an even chance of winning
even if
despite the possibility that; no matter whether:
always try everything even if it turns out to be a dud
despite the fact that:
he is a great President, even if he has many enemies
even now (or then)
1now (or then) as well as before:
even now, after all these years, it upsets me
2in spite of what has (or had) happened:
even then he never raised his voice to me
3at this (or that) very moment:
very likely you are even now picking up the telephone to ring
even so
in spite of that; nevertheless:
not the most exciting of places, but even so I was having a good time
even though
despite the fact that:
even though he was bigger, he never looked down on me
get (or be) even
informal inflict similar trouble or harm on someone to that which they have inflicted on oneself:
I’ll get even with you for this
of even date
Law or formal of the same date.
on an even keel
(of a ship or aircraft) not listing or tilting to one side.
(of a person or situation) functioning normally after a period of difficulty:
getting her life back on to an even keel after their break-up had been difficult
Pronunciation: /ˈiːv(ə)nnɪs/
Old English efen (adjective), efne (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch even, effen and German eben