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Pronunciation of Evacuates: Learn how to pronounce Evacuates in English correctly

Learn how to say Evacuates correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word evacuate:

[with object]
1remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safer place:
several families were evacuated from their homes
leave or cause the occupants to leave (a place of danger):
fire alarms forced staff to evacuate the building
[no object]:
nearly five million had to evacuate because of air terror
(of troops) withdraw from (a place):
the last British troops evacuated the Canal Zone
2 technical remove air, water, or other contents from (a container):
when it springs a leak, evacuate the pond
empty (the bowels or another bodily organ):
patients evacuated their bowels before dialysis
discharge (faeces or other matter) from the body:
the bowel functions to evacuate solid waste products
late Middle English (in the sense ‘clear the contents of’): from Latin evacuat- ‘(of the bowels) emptied’, from the verb evacuare, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out of’ + vacuus ’empty’