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Pronunciation of Essentials: Learn how to pronounce Essentials in English correctly

Learn how to say Essentials correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word essential:

1absolutely necessary; extremely important:
[with infinitive]:
it is essential to keep up-to-date records
fibre is an essential ingredient of our diet
[attributive] fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone:
the essential weakness of the plaintiff’s case
2(of an amino acid or fatty acid) required for normal growth but not synthesized in the body and therefore necessary in the diet.
3 Medicine (of a disease) with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic:
essential hypertension
(usually essentials)
a thing that is absolutely necessary:
we only had the bare essentials in the way of equipment
(essentials) the fundamental elements or characteristics of something:
he was quick to grasp the essentials of an opponent’s argument

Pronunciation: /-ʃɪˈalɪti/

Middle English (in the sense ‘in the highest degree’): from late Latin essentialis, from Latin essentia (see essence)