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Pronunciation of Esquires: Learn how to pronounce Esquires in English correctly

Learn how to say Esquires correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word esquire:

1 (Esquire) British a polite title appended to a man’s name when no other title is used, typically in the address of a letter or other documents:
J. C. Pearson Esquire
North American a title appended to the surname of a lawyer (of either sex).
2 historical a young nobleman who, in training for knighthood, acted as an attendant to a knight.
an officer in the service of a king or nobleman.
[as title] a landed proprietor or country squire:
the lord of the manor, Richard Bethell Esquire

esquire of the (king’s) body
historical an officer in charge of dressing and undressing the king.

late Middle English: from Old French esquier, from Latin scutarius ‘shield-bearer’, from scutum ‘shield’; compare with squire. sense 2 was the original denotation, sense 1 being at first a courtesy title given to such a person