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Pronunciation of Escheat: Learn how to pronounce Escheat in English correctly

Learn how to say Escheat correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word escheat:

[mass noun]
the reversion of property to the state, or (in feudal law) to a lord, on the owner’s dying without legal heirs:
the Crown’s right of escheat was lost
[count noun]:
they totally abolished escheats
[count noun] an item of property affected by escheat.
[no object]
(of land) revert to a lord or the state by escheat:
a private chase which had escheated to the King
[with object] (usually as adjective escheated) hand over (land) as an escheat:
a number of escheated royal honours

Middle English: from Old French eschete, based on Latin excidere ‘fall away’, from ex- ‘out of, from’ + cadere ‘to fall’