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Pronunciation of Escaped: Learn how to pronounce Escaped in English correctly

Learn how to say Escaped correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word escape:

1 [no object] break free from confinement or control:
two burglars have just escaped from prison
(as adjective escaped)
escaped convicts
[with object] elude or get free from (someone):
he drove along the dual carriageway to escape police
succeed in avoiding or eluding something dangerous or unpleasant:
the driver escaped with a broken knee
[with object]:
a baby boy narrowly escaped death
(of a gas, liquid, or heat) leak from a container:
the CFCs have escaped into the atmosphere
[with object] (of words or sounds) issue involuntarily or inadvertently from (someone):
a sob escaped her lips
2 [with object] fail to be noticed or remembered by (someone):
the name escaped him
it may have escaped your notice, but this is not a hotel
3 [with object] Computing interrupt (an operation) by means of the escape key.
cause (a subsequent character or characters) to be interpreted differently.
1an act of breaking free from confinement or control:
the gang had made their escape
[mass noun]:
he could think of no way of escape, short of rudeness
an act of avoiding something dangerous or unpleasant:
the baby was fine, but it was a lucky escape
a means of escaping from somewhere:
[as modifier]:
he had planned his escape route
a garden plant or pet animal that has gone wild and (especially in plants) become naturalized:
it is not a native of Britain, though often occurring as an escape
2a form of temporary distraction from reality or routine:
romantic novels should present an escape from the dreary realities of life
3a leakage of gas, liquid, or heat from a container:
a lid prevents the escape of poisonous gases
[with modifier]:
a gas escape
4 (also escape key) Computing a key on a computer keyboard which either interrupts the current operation or causes subsequent characters to be interpreted differently.