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Pronunciation of Ermine: Learn how to pronounce Ermine in English correctly

Learn how to say Ermine correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ermine:

noun (plural same or ermines)
1a stoat, especially when in its white winter coat.
[mass noun] the white fur of the stoat, used for trimming garments, especially the ceremonial robes of judges or peers:
the men were dressed in costly ermine and sable-edged cloaks
[mass noun] Heraldry fur represented as black spots on a white ground, as a heraldic tincture:
on a canton ermine a lion rampant sable
2 (also ermine moth) a stout-bodied moth that has cream or white wings with black spots.
Genus Spilosoma, family Arctiidae: several species
Middle English: from Old French hermine, probably from medieval Latin (mus) Armenius ‘Armenian (mouse)’