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Pronunciation of Entering: Learn how to pronounce Entering in English correctly

Learn how to say Entering correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word enter:

to come or go into (a place, house, etc)
to penetrate or pierce
(transitive) to introduce or insert
to join (a party, organization, etc)
when intr, foll by into to become involved or take part (in) ⇒ to enter a game, to enter into an agreement
(transitive) to record (an item such as a commercial transaction) in a journal, account, register, etc
(transitive) to record (a name, etc) on a list
(transitive) to present or submit ⇒ to enter a proposal
(intransitive) (theatre) to come on stage: used as a stage direction ⇒ enter Juliet
when intr, often foll by into, on, or upon to begin; start ⇒ to enter upon a new career
(intransitive) often foll by upon to come into possession (of)
(transitive) to place (evidence, a plea, etc) before a court of law or upon the court records
(transitive) (law)
to go onto and occupy (land)
(mainly US) to file a claim to (public lands)