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Pronunciation of Entered: Learn how to pronounce Entered in English correctly

Learn how to say Entered correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word enter:

[with object]
1come or go into (a place):
she entered the kitchen
[no object]:
the door opened and Karl entered
[no object] used as a stage direction to indicate when a character comes on stage:
enter Hamlet
come or be introduced into:
the thought never entered my head
penetrate (something):
the bullet entered his stomach
(of a man) insert the penis into the vagina of (a woman):
then he entered her, harsh in his passion
2begin to be involved in:
in 1941 America entered the war
become a member of or start working in (an institution or profession):
he entered the army as a cadet
register as a competitor or participant in a tournament, race, or examination:
they won every race they entered
the horse was entered in the Martell Cup at Aintree
start or reach (a stage or period of time) in an activity or situation:
the election campaign entered its final phase
[no object] (of a particular performer in an ensemble) start or resume playing or singing.
3write or key (information) in a book, computer, etc.:
children can enter the data into the computer
4 Law submit (a statement) in an official capacity:
a solicitor entered a plea of guilty on her behalf
(also enter key) a key on a computer keyboard which is used to perform various functions, such as executing a command or selecting options on a menu.

enter someone’s head (or mind)

(of a thought or idea) occur to someone:
the thought never entered my head!
enter into force

come into effect:
the treaty entered into force in 1975
enter into the spirit of something

begin to enjoy and feel part of a lively event or atmosphere:
people entered into the spirit of the occasion
enter someone’s life

(of a person or thing) start to play a significant part in someone’s existence:
Shiona had been sixteen when Jake entered her life
Phrasal Verbs

enter into

become involved in (an activity or situation):
they have entered into a relationship
undertake to bind oneself by (an agreement or other commitment):
the council entered into an agreement with a private firm
form part of or be a factor in:
medical ethics also enter into the question
enter on/upon

1 formal begin (an activity or job); start to pursue (a particular course in life):
he entered upon a turbulent political career
2 Law (as a legal entitlement) go freely into (property) as or as if the owner:
the tenant shall have licence to enter upon the premises

Middle English: from Old French entrer, from Latin intrare, from intra ‘within