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Pronunciation of Ensemble: Learn how to pronounce Ensemble in English correctly

Learn how to say Ensemble correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ensemble:

1a group of musicians, actors, or dancers who perform together:
a Bulgarian folk ensemble
a piece of music or passage written for performance by a whole cast, choir, or group of instruments:
Cherubini’s numbers, with solos and ensembles intermingled, have a freedom and originality
[mass noun] the coordination between performers executing an ensemble passage:
a high level of tuning and ensemble is guaranteed
2a group of items viewed as a whole rather than individually:
the buildings in the square present a charming provincial ensemble
[usually in singular] a set of clothes chosen to harmonize when worn together:
her elegant pink and black ensemble put most outfits in the shade
chiefly Physics a group of similar systems, or different states of the same system, often considered statistically:
we would have to adopt a picture in which there is an ensemble of all possible universes with some probability distribution

late Middle English (as an adverb (long rare) meaning ‘at the same time’): from French, based on Latin insimul, from in- ‘in’ + simul ‘at the same time’. The noun dates from the mid 18th century