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Pronunciation of Enquire: Learn how to pronounce Enquire in English correctly

Learn how to say Enquire correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word enquire:

chiefly British
1 [reporting verb] ask for information from someone:
[no object]:
he enquired about cottages for sale
[with clause]:
I enquired where he lived
[with direct speech]:
‘How well do you know Berlin?’ he enquired of Hencke
[no object] (enquire after) ask about the health and well-being of (someone):
Angus enquired after her parents
[no object] (enquire for) ask to see or speak to (someone):
that was Mr Paul enquiring for you—I told him he couldn’t come in
2 [no object] (enquire into) investigate; look into:
the task of political sociology is to enquire into the causes of political events


Middle English enquere, from Old French enquerre, based on Latin inquirere (based on quaerere ‘seek’)