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Pronunciation of Engrossed: Learn how to pronounce Engrossed in English correctly

Learn how to say Engrossed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word engross:

[with object]
1 (often be engrossed in) absorb all the attention or interest of:
they seemed to be engrossed in conversation
the notes totally engrossed him
(as adjective engrossing)
the most engrossing parts of the book
archaic gain or keep exclusive possession of:
the country had made the best of its position to engross trade
2 Law produce (a legal document, especially a deed or statute) in its final form:
the solicitors will submit a draft conveyance and engross the same after approval



late Middle English (formerly also as ingross): based on en-1, in-2 ‘in’ + late Latin grossus ‘large’. Sense 1 is from Old French en gros, from medieval Latin in grosso ‘wholesale’; sense 2 comes from Anglo-Norman French engrosser, medieval Latin ingrossare, from Old French grosse, medieval Latin grossa ‘large writing’, with reference to clerks writing out documents in large, clear writing