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Pronunciation of Engages: Learn how to pronounce Engages in English correctly

Learn how to say Engages correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word engage:

transitive verb
Word forms: enˈgaged, enˈgaging
(obsolete) to give or assign as security for a debt, etc.
to bind (oneself) by a promise; pledge; specif. (now only in the passive), to bind by a promise of marriage; betroth ⇒ he is engaged to Ann
to arrange for the services of; hire; employ ⇒ to engage a lawyer
to arrange for the use of; reserve ⇒ to engage a hotel room
to draw into; involve ⇒ to engage him in conversation
to attract and hold (the attention, etc.)
to employ or keep busy; occupy ⇒ reading engages his spare time
to enter into conflict with (the enemy)
to interlock with or cause to come into frictional driving contact with
to mesh together ⇒ engage the gears
(obsolete) to entangle; ensnare
intransitive verb
to pledge oneself; promise; undertake; agree ⇒ to engage to do something
to occupy or involve oneself; take part; be active ⇒ to engage in dramatics
to enter into conflict
to interlock; mesh