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Pronunciation of Emptying: Learn how to pronounce Emptying in English correctly

Learn how to say Emptying correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word empty:

Word forms: ˈemptier, ˈemptiest
containing nothing; having nothing in it
having no one in it; unoccupied; vacant ⇒ an empty house
carrying or bearing nothing; bare
having no worth or purpose; useless or unsatisfying ⇒ empty pleasure
without meaning or force; insincere; vain ⇒ empty promises
(informal) hungry
transitive verb
Word forms: ˈemptied, ˈemptying
to make empty
to pour out or remove (the contents) of something
to transfer (the contents) into, onto, or on something else
to unburden or discharge (oneself or itself)