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Pronunciation of Elevators: Learn how to pronounce Elevators in English correctly

Learn how to say Elevators correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word elevator:

1North American term for lift (sense 1 of the noun).
in the elevator she pressed the button for the lobby
2a machine consisting of an endless belt with scoops attached, used for raising grain to an upper storey for storage:
a grain elevator
North American a tall building used for storing grain:
in the harbour a giant elevator stores prairie grain
3a hinged flap on the tailplane of an aircraft, typically one of a pair, used to control the motion of the aircraft about its lateral axis:
first you trim the rudder, then the ailerons, and finally the elevator
4a muscle whose contraction raises a part of the body:
elevators of the upper lip
5North American trademark (also elevator shoe) a shoe with a raised insole designed to make the wearer appear taller:
something in his gait made me sure he was wearing elevator shoes
mid 17th century (denoting a muscle): modern Latin, from Latin elevare ‘raise’; in later use directly from elevate