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Pronunciation of Elder: Learn how to pronounce Elder in English correctly

Learn how to say Elder correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word elder:

(of one or more out of a group of associated people) of a greater age:
my elder daughter
the elder of the two sons
(the Elder) used to distinguish between related famous people with the same name:
Pitt the Elder
1 (one’s elders) people who are older than one:
schoolchildren were no less fascinated than their elders
(one’s elder) a person who is older than one by a specified length of time:
she was two years his elder
2 (often elders) a leader or senior figure in a tribe or other group:
a council of village elders
an official in the early Christian Church, or of various Protestant Churches and sects:
he left the Church of which he had been an elder
historical a member of a senate or governing body.
Old English ieldra, eldra, of Germanic origin; related to German älter, also to eld and old