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Pronunciation of Edit: Learn how to pronounce Edit in English correctly

Learn how to say Edit correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word edit:

verb (edits, editing, edited)
[with object]
1prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it:
Volume I was edited by J. Johnson
choose material for (a film or radio or television programme) and arrange it to form a coherent whole:
(as adjective edited)
edited highlights of the match
change (text) on a computer.
(edit something out) remove unnecessary or inappropriate material from a text, film, or radio or television programme:
the film’s sexually explicit scenes have been edited out
2be editor of (a newspaper or magazine):
he began to edit the magazine in 1923
a change or correction made as a result of editing:
the system has no word wrap feature—so even small edits involved extensive rekeying
late 18th century (as a verb): partly a back-formation from editor, reinforced by French éditer ‘to edit’ (from édition ‘edition’)