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Pronunciation of Dwarfish: Learn how to pronounce Dwarfish in English correctly

Learn how to say Dwarfish correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dwarf:

noun (plural dwarfs or dwarves /dwɔːvz/)
1(in folklore or fantasy literature) a member of a mythical race of short, stocky human-like creatures who are generally skilled in mining and metalworking.
an abnormally small person.
[as modifier] denoting something, especially an animal or plant, which is much smaller than the usual size for its type or species:
a dwarf conifer
2 (also dwarf star) Astronomy a star of relatively small size and low luminosity, including the majority of main sequence stars.
[with object]
cause to seem small or insignificant in comparison:
the buildings surround and dwarf All Saints church
stunt the growth or development of:
(as adjective dwarfed)
the dwarfed but solid branch of a tree


Old English dweorg, dweorh, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dwerg and German Zwerg