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Pronunciation of Duty: Learn how to pronounce Duty in English correctly

Learn how to say Duty correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word duty:

noun (plural duties)
1a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility:
it’s my duty to uphold the law
she was determined to do her duty as a citizen
[mass noun]:
a strong sense of duty
[as modifier] (of a visit or other undertaking) done from a sense of moral obligation rather than for pleasure:
a fifteen-minute duty visit
2 (often duties) a task or action that one is required to perform as part of one’s job:
the queen’s official duties
your duties will include operating the switchboard
[mass noun]:
Juliet reported for duty
[mass noun] military service:
combat duty in the army
[as modifier] (of a person) engaged in their regular work:
a duty nurse
[mass noun] (also duties) performance of prescribed church services by a priest or minister:
he was willing to take Sunday duties
3a payment levied on the import, export, manufacture, or sale of goods:
a 6 per cent duty on imports
[mass noun]:
goods subject to excise duty
British a payment levied on the transfer of property, for licences, and for the legal recognition of documents.
4 technical the measure of an engine’s effectiveness in units of work done per unit of fuel.

do duty as (or for)
serve or act as a substitute for something else:
the rusting shack which did duty as the bridge
on (or off) duty
engaged (or not engaged) in one’s regular work:
the doorman had gone off duty and the lobby was unattended

late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French duete, from Old French deu (see due)