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Pronunciation of Dump: Learn how to pronounce Dump in English correctly

Learn how to say Dump correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dump:

1a site for depositing rubbish.
a heap of rubbish left at a dump.
[usually with modifier] a place where a particular kind of waste, especially dangerous waste, is left:
a nuclear waste dump
a place where weapons and other military equipment is stored:
an ammunitions dump
2 informal an unpleasant or dreary place:
why are you living in a dump like this?
3 Computing an act of copying stored data to a different location, performed typically as a protection against loss.
a printout or list of the contents of a computer’s memory, occurring typically after a system failure.
4 informal an act of defecation.
[with object]
1deposit or dispose of (rubbish, waste, or unwanted material), typically in a careless or hurried way:
trucks dumped 1,900 tons of refuse here
abandon (something) hurriedly in order to make an escape:
the couple dumped the car and fled
put (something) down heavily or carelessly:
she dumped her knapsack on the floor
informal abandon or desert (someone):
Zoƫ was heartbroken when her boyfriend dumped her
send (goods unsaleable in the home market) to a foreign market for sale at a low price:
these countries have been dumping cheap fertilizers on the UK market
informal sell off (assets) rapidly:
investors dumped shares in scores of other consumer-goods firms
2 Computing copy (stored data) to a different location, especially so as to protect against loss.
print out or list the contents of (a store), especially after a system failure.