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Pronunciation of Dull: Learn how to pronounce Dull in English correctly

Learn how to say Dull correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dull:

1lacking interest or excitement:
your diet doesn’t have to be dull and boring
archaic (of a person) feeling bored and dispirited:
she said she wouldn’t be dull and lonely
2lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen:
his face glowed in the dull lamplight
his black hair looked dull
(of the weather) overcast; gloomy:
next morning dawned dull
(of sound) not clear; muffled:
a dull thud of hooves
(of pain) indistinctly felt; not acute:
there was a dull pain in his lower jaw
(of an edge or blade) blunt:
when cutting hard rock the edge soon became dull
(of activity) sluggish or slow-moving:
shares closed weaker after a day of dull trading
3(of a person) slow to understand; stupid:
the voice of a teacher talking to a rather dull child
archaic (of a person’s senses) not perceiving things distinctly.
make or become dull or less intense:
[with object]:
time dulls the memory
[no object]:
Albert’s eyes dulled a little

(as) dull as dishwater (or ditchwater)
British extremely dull.
dull the edge of
cause to be less keenly felt; reduce the intensity of:
she’d have to find something to dull the edges of the pain