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Pronunciation of Due: Learn how to pronounce Due in English correctly

Learn how to say Due correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word due:

1 [predic.] expected at or planned for at a certain time:
the baby’s due in August
he is due back soon
[with infinitive]:
talks are due to adjourn tomorrow
(of a payment) required at a certain time:
the May instalment was due
(of a person) having reached a point where the thing mentioned is required or owed:
she was due for a rise
(of a thing) required or owed as a legal or moral obligation:
he was only taking back what was due to him
you must pay any income tax due
2 [attributive] of the proper quality or extent:
driving without due care and attention
1 (one’s due/dues) one’s right; what is owed to one:
he thought it was his due
2 (dues) an obligatory payment; a fee:
he had paid trade union dues for years
(with reference to a point of the compass) exactly; directly:
we’ll head due south again on the same road
due to
1caused by or ascribable to:
his death was not due to any lack of care
2because of; owing to:
he had to withdraw due to a knee injury
give someone their due
be fair to someone:
give the man his due—he’s a vegetarian and he generates his own electricity with wind towers
in due course
at the appropriate time:
the range will be extended in due course
pay one’s dues
fulfil one’s obligations:
if she was the caring person she makes herself out to be she would insist on paying her dues
experience difficulties before achieving success:
this drummer has paid his dues with the best
Middle English (in the sense ‘payable’): from Old French deu ‘owed’, based on Latin debitus ‘owed’, from debere ‘owe’