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Pronunciation of Ducking: Learn how to pronounce Ducking in English correctly

Learn how to say Ducking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word duck:

1 [no object] lower the head or the body quickly to avoid a blow or missile or so as not to be seen:
spectators ducked for cover
[with object]:
he ducked his head and entered
[with object] avoid (a blow or missile) by moving quickly:
he ducked a punch from an angry first baseman
[with object] informal evade or avoid (an unwelcome duty or undertaking):
a responsibility which a less courageous man might well have ducked
[no object]:
I was engaged twice and ducked out both times
2 [with object] push or plunge (someone) under water, either playfully or as a punishment:
Rufus grabbed him from behind to duck him under the surface
3 [no object] Bridge refrain from playing a winning card on a particular trick for tactical reasons:
declarer ducked the opening spade lead
[in singular]
a quick lowering of the head.

duck and dive
British use one’s ingenuity to deal with or evade a situation:
she was all for a bit of ducking and diving, that’s how everyone lived


Middle English: of Germanic origin; related to Dutch duiken and German tauchen ‘dive, dip, plunge’, also to duck1