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Pronunciation of Dubs: Learn how to pronounce Dubs in English correctly

Learn how to say Dubs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dub:

verb (dubs, dubbing, dubbed)
1 [with object and complement] give an unofficial name or nickname to:
the media dubbed anorexia ‘the slimming disease’
make (someone) a knight by the ritual touching of the shoulder with a sword:
he should be dubbed Sir Hubert
2 [with object] dress (an artificial fishing fly) with strands of fur or wool or with other material:
(as noun dubbing)
prewaxed thread has dramatically eased the process of dubbing
incorporate (fur, wool, or other materials) into a fishing fly.
3 [with object] smear (leather) with grease. Compare with dubbin.

late Old English (in the sense ‘make a knight’): from Old French adober ‘equip with armour’, of unknown origin. 1sense 2) in Oxford Dictionaries (British & World English)”1sense 2 is from the obsolete meaning ‘dress or adorn’