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Pronunciation of Drowned: Learn how to pronounce Drowned in English correctly

Learn how to say Drowned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word drown:

[no object]
die through submersion in and inhalation of water:
a motorist drowned when her car plunged off the edge of a quay
(be drowned)
two fishermen were drowned when their motor boat capsized
[with object] deliberately kill (a person or animal) by drowning:
he immediately drowned four of the dogs
[with object] submerge or flood (an area):
when the ice melted the valleys were drowned
[with object] (of a sound) make (another sound) inaudible by being much louder:
his voice was drowned out by the approaching engine noise
[no object] (be drowning in) be overwhelmed by a large amount of something:
both business and household sectors are drowning in debt
art dealers are still drowning in a sea of paperwork
[with object] (drown something in) cover or immerse food in:
good pizza is not eight inches thick and drowned in tomato sauce
drown one’s sorrows
forget one’s problems by getting drunk:
he bought a bottle of whisky to drown his sorrows
like a drowned rat
extremely wet and bedraggled:
she arrived at the church looking like a drowned rat
Middle English (originally northern): related to Old Norse drukkna ‘to be drowned’, also to drink