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Pronunciation of Dropper: Learn how to pronounce Dropper in English correctly

Learn how to say Dropper correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word drop:

verb (drops, dropping, dropped)
[with object]
1let or make (something) fall vertically:
the fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette
they dropped bombs on Caen during the raid
deliver (supplies or troops) by parachute:
the airlift dropped food into the camp
Rugby score (a goal) by a drop kick:
(as adjective dropped)
Botha responded with a superb dropped goal
(of an animal) give birth to (young).
informal take (a drug, especially LSD) orally:
he dropped a lot of acid in the Sixties
2 [no object and usually with adverbial] fall vertically:
the spoon dropped with a clatter from her hand
(of a person) allow oneself to fall; let oneself down without jumping:
they escaped by climbing out of the window and dropping to the ground
(of a person or animal) sink to or towards the ground:
he dropped to his knees in the mud
informal collapse or die from exhaustion:
he looked ready to drop
(of ground) slope steeply down:
the land drops away to the river
3make or become lower, weaker, or less:
[with object]:
he dropped his voice as she came into the room
[no object]:
pre-tax profits dropped by 37 per cent
tourism has dropped off in the last few years
4abandon or discontinue (a course of action or study):
the charges against him were dropped last year
discard or exclude (someone or something):
they were dropped from the team in the reshuffle
informal stop associating with:
I was under pressure from family and friends to drop Barbara
5set down or unload (a passenger or goods), especially on the way to somewhere else:
he dropped the load off at a dealer’s
his mum dropped him outside and drove off to work
[with object and adverbial] put or leave in a particular place without ceremony or formality:
just drop it in the post when you’ve got time
mention in passing, typically in order to impress:
she dropped a remark about having been included in the selection
British informal (of a DJ) select and play (a record):
various guest DJs drop quality tunes both old and new
informal release ( a musical recording).
6(in sport) fail to win (a point or a match):
the club have yet to drop a point in the Second Division
informal lose (money) through gambling:
he reckoned I’d dropped forty thousand pounds
7 Bridge force or be forced to play (a relatively high card) as a loser under an opponent’s higher card, because it is the only card in its suit held in the hand:
East drops the 10 on the second round
1a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface:
the first drops of rain splashed on the ground
[often with negative] a very small amount of liquid:
there was not a drop of water in sight
[usually with negative] a small drink of spirits:
he doesn’t touch a drop during the week
(drops) liquid medication to be measured or applied in very small amounts:
eye drops
2 [usually in singular] an instance of falling or dropping:
they left within five minutes of the drop of the curtain
an act of dropping supplies or troops by parachute:
the planes finally managed to make the drop
a fall in amount, quality, or rate:
a significant drop in consumer spending
an abrupt or steep fall or slope:
standing on the lip of a sixty-foot drop
(the drop) informal the relegation of a sports team to a lower league or division:
they only just avoided the drop last season
(the drop) Bridge the playing of a high card underneath an opponent’s higher card, because it is the only card in its suit held in the hand:
do you play for the drop now or finesse the 9?
3something that drops or is dropped, in particular:
a section of theatrical scenery lowered from the flies; a drop cloth or drop curtain.
a trapdoor on a gallows, the opening of which causes the prisoner to fall and thus be hanged:
warders, standing on planks, invariably flanked the prisoners on the drop
(the drop) execution by hanging.
[usually with modifier] a sweet or lozenge:
a chocolate drop
5 informal a delivery:
I got to the depot and made the drop
US a letter box.
a hiding place for stolen, illicit, or secret things:
the lavatory’s water cistern could be used as a letter drop