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Pronunciation of Drinkable: Learn how to pronounce Drinkable in English correctly

Learn how to say Drinkable correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word drink:

verb (past drank /draŋk/; past participle drunk /drʌŋk/)
[with object]
1take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow:
we sat by the fire, drinking our tea
[no object]:
he drank thirstily
[no object] consume or be in the habit of consuming alcohol:
she doesn’t drink or smoke
(as noun drinking)
Les was ordered to cut down his drinking
[no object] (drink up) quickly consume the rest of a drink.
informal (of a plant or a porous substance) absorb (moisture):
the seedlings apparently drink much more water than we had realized
[no object] (of wine) have a specified flavour or character when drunk:
this wine is really drinking beautifully
2 (drink something in) watch or listen to something with eager pleasure or interest:
she strolled to the window to drink in the view
a liquid that can be swallowed as refreshment or nourishment:
fizzy drinks
[mass noun]:
a table covered with food and drink
a quantity of liquid swallowed at one go:
he had a drink of water
[mass noun] alcohol, or the habitual or excessive consumption of alcohol:
the effects of too much drink
they both took to drink
a glass of liquid, especially when alcoholic:
we went for a drink
(drinks) a social gathering at which alcoholic drinks are served:
would you like to come for drinks on Sunday?
(the drink) informal the sea or another large area of water:
he heaved the outboard motor into the drink