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Pronunciation of Dries: Learn how to pronounce Dries in English correctly

Learn how to say Dries correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dry:

adjective (drier, driest)
1free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist:
the jacket kept me warm and dry
he wiped the table dry with his shirt
(of paint, ink, etc.) having lost all wetness or moisture over a period of time:
wait until the paint is dry
for use without liquid:
the conversion of dry latrines into the flushing type
with little or no rainfall or humidity:
the West Coast has had two dry winters in a row
(of a river, lake, or stream) empty of water as a result of lack of rainfall:
the river is always dry at this time of year
(of a source) not yielding a supply of water or oil:
a dry well
thirsty or thirst-making:
working in the hot sun is making me dry
(of a cow or other domestic animal) no longer producing milk:
the rye has been strip-grazed by dry cows
the cows went dry in the wintertime
without grease or other moisturizer or lubricator:
cream conditioners for dry hair
(of bread or toast) without butter or other spreads:
only dry bread and water
2(of information, writing, etc.) dully factual:
the dry facts of the matter
unemotional, undemonstrative, or impassive:
it transformed him from a dry administrator into the people’s hero
3(of a joke or sense of humour) subtle and expressed in a matter-of-fact way:
he delighted his friends with a dry, covert sense of humour
4prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcoholic drink:
the country is strictly dry, in accordance with Islamic law
(of a person) no longer addicted to or drinking alcohol:
I heard much talk about how sobriety was more than staying straight or dry
5(of an alcoholic drink) not sweet:
a dry, medium-bodied red wine
6British relating to political ‘dries’ sense 3 of the noun; rigidly monetarist.
verb (dries, drying, dried)
[no object]
1become dry:
waiting for the paint to dry
do not let the soil dry out
pools are left as the rivers dry up
[with object] cause to become dry:
they had washed and dried their hair
[with object] wipe tears from (the eyes):
she dried her eyes and blew her nose
(also British dry up) wipe dishes dry with a cloth after they have been washed:
‘I’ll wash, Sara, you dry’
[with object] (usually as adjective dried) preserve by allowing or encouraging evaporation of moisture from:
dried flowers
2 theatrical slang forget one’s lines:
a colleague of mine once dried in the middle of a scene