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Pronunciation of Dresses: Learn how to pronounce Dresses in English correctly

Learn how to say Dresses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dress:

1 [no object] put on one’s clothes:
Graham showered and dressed quickly
I’ll go and get dressed
[with adverbial] wear clothes in a particular way or of a particular type:
she’s nice-looking and dresses well
(be dressed)
he was dressed in jeans and a thick sweater
[with object] put clothes on (someone):
they dressed her in a white hospital gown
put on clothes appropriate for a formal occasion:
we dressed for dinner every night
2 [with object] decorate (something) in an artistic or attractive way:
she’d enjoyed dressing the tree when the children were little
decorate (a ship) with flags for a special occasion.
3 [with object] treat or prepare (something) in a certain way, in particular:
clean, treat, or apply a dressing to (a wound):
she washed the wound and dressed it with fresh bandages
clean and prepare (food, especially poultry or shellfish) for cooking or eating:
(as adjective dressed)
dressed crab
add a dressing to (a salad):
dress the salad with vinaigrette
apply a fertilizer to (an area of ground or a plant):
the field was dressed with unrotted farmyard manure
complete the preparation or manufacture of (leather or fabric) by treating its surface in some way:
leather that had been dressed with alum
smooth the surface of (stone):
(as adjective dressed)
dressed Cotswold stone
arrange or style (hair):
Patrick dressed Michelle’s hair in a sculptured, Japanese-type style
4 [with object] Military draw up (troops) in the proper alignment.
[no object] (of troops) come into proper alignment.
5(of a man) have the genitals habitually on one or the other side of the fork of the trousers:
do you dress to the left?
6 [with object] make (an artificial fly) for use in fishing:
(as adjective dressed)
a dressed wet fly