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Pronunciation of Dreads: Learn how to pronounce Dreads in English correctly

Learn how to say Dreads correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dread:

[with object]
1anticipate with great apprehension or fear:
Jane was dreading the party
[with infinitive]:
I dread to think what Russell will say
2 archaic regard with great awe or reverence:
the man whom Henry dreaded as the future champion of English freedom
1 [mass noun] great fear or apprehension:
the thought of returning to London filled her with dread
[in singular]:
I used to have a dread of Friday afternoons
2a sudden take-off and flight of a flock of gulls or other birds:
flocks of wood sandpiper, often excitable, noisy, and given to dreads
3 informal a person with dreadlocks:
the band appeals to dreads and baldheads alike
(dreads) dreadlocks:
Lyon combed his fingers through Curtis’ dreads
1greatly feared; dreadful:
he was stricken with the dread disease and died
2 archaic regarded with awe; greatly revered:
that dread being we dare oppose

Old English ādrǣdan, ondrǣdan, of West Germanic origin; related to Old High German intrātan