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Pronunciation of Drafts: Learn how to pronounce Drafts in English correctly

Learn how to say Drafts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word draft:

1a preliminary version of a piece of writing:
the first draft of the party’s manifesto
[as modifier]:
a draft document
a plan, sketch, or rough drawing:
a manuscript draft representing the explorer’s latest findings
[mass noun] Computing a mode of operation of a printer in which text is produced rapidly but with relatively low definition.
2a written order to pay a specified sum.
3 (the draft) US compulsory recruitment for military service:
25 million men were subject to the draft
North American a procedure whereby sports players are made available for selection or reselection by the teams in a league, usually with the earlier choices being given to the weaker teams:
the White Sox chose him in the 13th round of the 1990 draft
rare a group or individual selected from a larger group for a special duty, e.g. for military service:
the draft and I were sent to the barracks near Folkestone
4US spelling of draught (noun).