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Pronunciation of Downs: Learn how to pronounce Downs in English correctly

Learn how to say Downs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word down:

1towards or in a lower place or position, especially to or on the ground or another surface:
she looked down
the sun started to go down
he put his glass down
he swung the axe to chop down the tree
at or to a specified distance below:
you can plainly see the bottom 35 feet down
I went down to put the kettle on
expressing movement or position away from the north:
they’re living down south
to or at a place perceived as lower (often expressing casualness or lack of hurry):
I’d rather be down at the villa
I’m going down to the pub
British away from the capital or major city:
there are eight trains a day, four up and four down
British away from a university, especially Oxford or Cambridge:
he was down from Oxford
(with reference to food or drink swallowed) in or into the stomach:
she couldn’t keep anything down
so as to lie or be fixed flush or flat:
she stuck down a Christmas label
[as exclamation] used as a command to a person or animal to sit or lie down:
down, boy!
referring to a crossword answer which reads vertically:
how many letters in fifteen down?
2to or at a lower level of intensity, volume, or activity:
keep the noise down
the panic was dying down
at night it would cool down
to or at a lower price, value, or rank:
output was down by 20 per cent
soup is down from 59p to 49p
to a finer consistency, a smaller amount or size, or a simpler or more basic state:
I must slim down a bit
a formal statement that can’t be edited down
thin down an oil-based paint with spirits
from an earlier to a later point in time or order:
buildings in England down to 1540
everyone, from the President down to the bloke selling hot dogs, wants her dead
3in or into a weaker or worse position, mood, or condition:
the scandal brought down the government
he was down with the flu
losing or at a disadvantage by a specified amount:
United were 3-0 down
used to express progress through a series of tasks or items:
one down and only six more to go
(of a computer system) out of action or unavailable for use:
the system went down yesterday
(down with ——) shouted to express strong dislike of a specified person or thing:
crowds chanted ‘Down with America!’
4in or into writing:
Graham noted the numbers down carefully
taking down notes
on or on to a list, schedule, or record:
I’ll put you down for the evening shift
5(with reference to partial payment of a sum of money) made initially or on the spot:
pay £5 down and the rest at the end of the month
6(of sailing) with the current or the wind.
(of a ship’s helm) moved round to leeward so that the rudder is to windward.
7 American Football (of the ball or a player in possession) not in play, typically through progress being stopped.
1from a higher to a lower point of (something):
up and down the stairs
tears streaming down her face
at or to the part of (a river or stream) that is nearer the sea:
a dozen miles or so down the Thames
moving or at a point further along the course of (something):
he lived down the street
I wandered down the road
informal at or to (a place):
she was tired of going down the pub every night
2throughout (a period of time):
astrologers down the ages
1 [attributive] directed or moving towards a lower place or position:
the down escalator
click on the down arrow
relating to or denoting trains travelling away from the main terminus:
we travelled on the first down train
Physics denoting a flavour of quark having a charge of − 1/ 3. Protons and neutrons are thought to be composed of combinations of up and down quarks.
2 [predic.] unhappy; depressed:
he’s been so down lately
3 [predic.] (of a computer system) temporarily out of action or unavailable:
sorry, but the computer’s down
4 [predic.] US black slang supporting or going along with someone or something:
you got to be down with me
aware of and following the latest fashion:
a seriously down, hip-hop homie
[with object] informal
1knock or bring to the ground:
175 enemy aircraft had been downed
he struck Slater on the face, downing him
2consume (something, typically a drink):
he downed five pints of cider
Golf sink (a putt):
he downed a 20-foot putt for victory
1 American Football a chance for a team to advance the ball, ending when the ball carrier is tackled or the ball becomes out of play. A team must advance at least ten yards in a series of four downs in order to keep possession.
2 (downs) informal unwelcome experiences or events:
there had been more downs than ups during his years at Ferrari
3 informal a feeling or period of unhappiness or depression:
everyone gets their downs, their depressive periods