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Pronunciation of Dotting: Learn how to pronounce Dotting in English correctly

Learn how to say Dotting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dot:

a small round mark or spot:
a symbol depicted in coloured dots
a small round mark written or printed as part of an i or j, as one of a series of marks to signify omission, or as a full stop.
Music a small round mark used to denote the lengthening of a note or rest by half, or to indicate staccato.
the shorter signal of the two used in Morse code. Compare with dash (sense 3 of the noun).
used to refer to an object that appears tiny because it is far away:
they were mere dots on the horizon now
used to indicate the punctuation separating parts of an email or website address:
OUP dot com
verb (dots, dotting, dotted)
[with object]
1mark with a small spot or spots:
wet spots of rain began to dot his shirt
(of a number of items) be scattered over (an area):
churches dot the countryside
(be dotted)
there appear to be a number of airfields dotted about
place a dot over (a letter):
you need to dot the i
Music mark (a note or rest) to show that the time value is increased by half:
(as adjective dotted)
a dotted minim
2British informal hit (someone):
‘You want to dot him one,’ he said

dot the i’s and cross the t’s
informal ensure that all details are correct:
I just have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on my dissertation
on the dot
informal exactly on time:
he arrived on the dot at nine o’clock
the year dot
British informal a very long time ago:
that wallpaper has been there since the year dot


Old English dott ‘head of a boil’. The word is recorded only once in Old English, then not until the late 16th century, when it is found in the sense ‘a small lump or clot’, perhaps influenced by Dutch dot ‘a knot’. The sense ‘small mark or spot’ dates from the mid 17th century