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Pronunciation of Doses: Learn how to pronounce Doses in English correctly

Learn how to say Doses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dose:

a quantity of a medicine or drug taken or recommended to be taken at a particular time:
he took a dose of cough mixture
an amount of ionizing radiation received or absorbed at one time or over a specified period:
a dose of radiation exceeding safety limits
informal a venereal infection.
informal a quantity of something unpleasant but necessary:
I wanted to give you a dose of the hell you put me through
[with object]
administer a dose to (a person or animal):
he dosed himself with vitamins
adulterate or blend (a substance) with another substance:
the petrol is dosed with lead

in small doses
informal when experienced or engaged in a little at a time:
computer games are great in small doses
like a dose of salts
British informal very fast and efficiently:
we’ll go through this place like a dose of salts and scrub it from top to bottom
[from the use of Epsom salts as a laxative]

late Middle English: from French, via late Latin from Greek dosis ‘gift’, from didonai ‘give’