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Pronunciation of Done: Learn how to pronounce Done in English correctly

Learn how to say Done correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word done:

1(of food) cooked thoroughly:
the turkey will be done to a turn
2no longer happening or existing:
her hunting days were done
3British informal socially acceptable:
therapy was not the done thing then
used to indicate that the speaker accepts the terms of an offer:
‘I’ll give ten to one he misses by a mile!’ called Reilly. ‘Done!’, said the conductor
a done deal
an agreement that has been finalized:
although a few details still had to be worked out, the settlement was a done deal
done for
informal in a situation so bad that it is impossible to get out:
if the guard sees us, we’re done for
done in (or up)
informal extremely tired:
you look done in
informaldone (sense 1 of the adjective).
check the meat for doneness during the last 20 minutes of cooking