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Pronunciation of Do You Happen To: Learn how to pronounce Do You Happen To in English correctly

Learn how to say Do You Happen To correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word happen:

[no object]
1take place; occur:
two hours had passed and still nothing had happened
the accident happened at 7.40 a.m.
ensue as an effect or result of an action or event:
this is what happens when the mechanism goes wrong
[with infinitive] chance to do something or come about:
we just happened to meet Paul
there happens to be a clash of personalities
[with clause] come about by chance:
it just so happened that she turned up that afternoon
(happen on) find or come across by chance:
I happened on a street with a few modest restaurants
[with infinitive] used as a polite formula in questions:
do you happen to know who her doctor is?
2 (happen to) be experienced by (someone); befall:
the same thing happened to me
become of:
I don’t care what happens to the money
[sentence adverb] Northern English
perhaps; maybe:
happen I’ll go back just for a while

as it happens

actually; as a matter of fact:
we’ve got a room vacant, as it happens

late Middle English (superseding the verb hap): from the noun hap + -en1