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Pronunciation of Do You Fancy: Learn how to pronounce Do You Fancy in English correctly

Learn how to say Do You Fancy correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fancy:

verb (fancies, fancying, fancied)
[with object]
1British informal feel a desire or liking for:
do you fancy a drink?
find sexually attractive:
I really fancy him
(fancy oneself) informal have an unduly high opinion of oneself, or of one’s ability in a particular area:
he fancied himself as an amateur psychologist
2British regard (a horse, team, or player) as a likely winner:
[with object and infinitive]:
I fancy him to win the tournament
3 [with clause] imagine; think:
he fancied he could smell the perfume of roses
[in imperative] chiefly British used to express surprise at something:
fancy meeting all those television actors!
adjective (fancier, fanciest)
1elaborate in structure or decoration:
the furniture was very fancy
a fancy computerized system
sophisticated or expensive in a way that is intended to impress:
fancy hotels and restaurants
chiefly North American (especially of foodstuffs) of high quality:
fancy molasses
(of a flower) of two or more colours:
all pelargoniums, from scented-leaf species to fancy hybrids, thrive in hot sunshine
(of an animal) bred to develop particular points of appearance:
fancy goldfish
2 archaic (of a drawing, painting, or sculpture) created from the imagination rather than from life:
I used to take a seat and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes
noun (plural fancies)
1a superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction:
this was no passing fancy, but a feeling he would live by
dated a person or thing that one finds attractive:
people jostled to ride alongside their fancy
a favourite in a race or other sporting contest:
the filly is already a leading fancy for next year’s races
(the fancy) dated enthusiasts for a sport, especially boxing or racing, considered collectively:
pony carts went round the racecourse loaded with the fancy
2 [mass noun] the faculty of imagination:
he is prone to flights of fancy
[count noun] an unfounded or tentative belief or idea:
I’ve a fancy they want to be alone
3 (also fancy cake) British a small iced cake:
chocolate fancies
4(in 16th and 17th century music) a composition for keyboard or strings in free or variation form.